The Ouija Board

Retired reporter Gunnar Borg, TV journalist Kristin Bye, and the psychic Victoria Underhaug have traveled to Juvdal in Telemark to clear up a 25-year-old double murder case before it gets closed permanently. A new murder contributes to the discovery of the guilty party, and Borg and Bye are driven into an action-packed hunt for the killer. This is a classic murder mystery, where the involved have many motives, possibilities and dark secrets. Similar to Egeland's earlier crime novels, this book also shows the author's ability to create settings and credible characters in a trembling and exciting story that unites psychology and realism.

"If you're looking for a bulky,
entertaining thriller, you
can safely dig into this

- Kurt Hanssen, Dagbladet

The book has been published in the following countries:
Bulgaria (Perseus)
Germany (Random House)
Netherlands (De Geus)

The Ouija Board (2004)
(Original Norwegian title: Åndebrettet)

Bokklubben krim og spenning
ISBN-10: 82-03-18925-3

First published: 2004, Aschehoug

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