The Gospel of Lucifer

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Gospel of Lucifer is a suspense novel – a thriller of life and death – but the book’s characters also explore religious notions of heaven and hell, of Lucifer and the fallen angels – and theories of who we humans really are.

How were the myths and ideas of gods and devils, heaven and hell created? And who was Satan? Who were the demons? Were they fallen angels – or can they be explained in an entirely different way?

Meet Bjørn Beltø – the archeologist who would rather be anywhere but in the centre of things. Meet Giovanni Nobile – the Italian theologian and demonologist whose daughter is kidnapped by a doomsday sect. Meet Carl Collins – an American scientist in charge of the search for the ruins of the Tower of Babel …... and the unimaginable secret that the legendary tower contains.

Join me in my exploration of a world of gods and angels, of mad religious sects, of myths and mysteries, of devils and demons – and of fear. If you have the courage.

On this site I have put out some more background information and lots of links – mostly in English – about the themes dealt with in this book:

The book has been published in the following countries:
Bulgaria (Perseus)
Czech Republic (Euromedia)
Denmark (Rosinante)
Germany (Random House)
Greece (Livanis)
Iceland (Forlagid)
Korea, Republic of (Random House Korea)
Netherlands (De Geus)
Poland (Wydawnictwo Skrypt)
Russian Federation (Azbooka)
Turkey (Pegasus)
Ukraine (Folio Publishers Ltd.)

The Gospel of Lucifer (2009)

ISBN 978-82-03-19474-0

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