Nina and Erik, a young married couple, get lost in Juvdal while driving through the deep Telemark forests. In a howling gale they drive off the road, and come to in a different time; a thousand years before the present, in a period of unrest between the Viking Age and the Christianisation of Norway.

They are taken to the big farm Dalheim, and while Erik manages to escape, Nina stays prisoner at the farm. A strong volve with magical powers wants to sacrifice Nina in a dramatic and atmospheric ritual.

Meanwhile, the Juvdal village, where Erik is, is haunted by "glimpses from the past", what some people would call ghosts.

"a genuine suspense novel,
an unadulterated horror tale,
a wholly Norwegian thriller...
A modern horror story
completely in line with the
bestselling Anglo-American
genre led by Stephen King"

- Dagbladet

The book has been published in the following countries:
Bulgaria (Perseus)

Ragnarok (1988)

ISBN-10: 82-03-19105-3

First published: 1988, Hjemmets bokforlag

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