Another para-psychological thriller from Tom Egeland, Shadowland is a Rosemary's Baby-esque chamber theatre about fairy tale researcher Helge and fashion photographer Victoria. The couple finds a young tenant for their bedsit, and his arrival turns their safe existence upside down. The tenant is possessed by the spirit of his dead father, and has continuous telepathic communication with him on his deathbed many years ago. The son becomes a tool for the dying man's ailing mind. After many frightening and incomprehensible episodes in the flat at Frogner in Oslo, the couple accompanies their young tenant to a deserted hotel in Juvdal in Telemark, where the horrors catch up with them.

Shadowland (1993)
(Original Norwegian title: Skyggelandet)

ISBN-10: 82-03-19104-5

First published: 1993 by Cappelen

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