Troll Mirror

A serial killer trawls the streets of Oslo with a camcorder. He secretly captures his victims on film before kidnapping them. He then sends the appalling recordings to TV journalist Kristin Bye, who becomes the channel's spearhead in the hunt for the killer. Then one day she receives a tape with images of herself... Tom Egeland's thriller is a tremendous and unputdownable page turner. It is the first book about heroine Kristin Bye and her mentor, the soon-to-be retired journalist Gunnar Borg.

"A thriller in a class of its own...
descriptions of characters and
setting, construction, style,
linguistic instinct - it is all

- VG

The book has been published in the following countries:
Bulgaria (Perseus)
Italy (Bompiani)
Netherlands (De Geus)

Troll Mirror (1997)
(Original Norwegian title: Trollspeilet)

Cappelens bokklubb
ISBN: 82-03-18976-8

First published: 1997, Aschehoug

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