Night of the Wolves

During a live discussion programme on Norwegian television where several prominent politicians are present, a group of Chechens take up arms. Shockedviewers witness a dramatic hostage situation - and the terrorrists demand that the TV-channel broadcast every minute of the bloody drama. Outside the studio the police are working hard to resolve the situation, but it soon becomes clear that not everyone involved are who they pretend to be, and that powerful people in the East will go to drastic steps to conceal the true story behind the tragedy. Once again, TV star Kristin Bye and retired journalist Gunnar Borg, the protagonists from "Troll Mirror" and "The Ouija Board" find themselves in the middle of the dramatic events.

The novel is in the process of becoming a feature movie (premiere: February 29th 2009) and a 3 episode mini series for television (2010).

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"A first class thriller. Tom Egeland's *Night of the Wolf* is extremely
sophisticated in its construction. The author constantly has new surprises
up his sleeve and spellbinds the reader from the first page to the last. A bull's-eye of a novel!"

- VG

"the best Norwegian thriller I have read in a long, long time… so exciting
and well-written that it can take anyone's breath away… With Night of the
Wolf , Tom Egeland has set a new standard for Norwegian thrillers"

- Haugesunds Avis

"Not a dull moment; a thriller of the highest quality."
- Aftenposten, Oslo

"a great crime-literary experience"
- Adresseavisen, Trondheim

"Excellent suspense novel by Tom Egeland, who is now one of our most
reliable writers of quality crime... ranks among the absolute top novels
both in Norway and on an international level."

- Adresseavisen

"Tom Egeland has written a thriller that approaches world-class"
- Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Sarpsborg

"The language is sober and masculine. This goes well with the book, which
positively smells of testosterone and cold sweat. Here, nothing is sure
until the fourth-to-last page of the tremendous ending. Not until can the
reader exhale, glance at his alarm-clock, ashamed, and go to sleep with a
grin on his face."

- Oppland Arbeiderblad, Gjøvik

"Outstanding ...A Norwegian thriller of international quality, better than
Dan Brown. If you're only bringing one book to the beach this summer, I
recommend Tom Egeland's *Night of the Wolf* above anything Dan Brown has
ever written."

- Stavanger Aftenblad

"Ingenious setting... Tom Egeland - a full-blooded thriller writer."
- Norwegian Boradcasting Corporation

"Unputdownable until the last page... first class entertainment."
- Dagsavisen, Oslo

"Once again, Tom Egeland demonstrates why he is Norway's number one writer
of thrillers"

- Bergens Tidende

"Exciting thriller about a terrorist hijacking of a live TV show. His
ambitions reach beyond the mere suspense: Egeland tells the history of
Chechnya and his description of the complicated conflict is reliable."
- Dagbladet, Oslo

"a thriller you won't put down until you know how the eight hour-long
hostage situation ends"

- Vårt Land, Oslo

"One of the best suspense thrillers ever created by a Norwegian."
- Fædrelandsvennen, Kristiansand)*

The book has been published in the following countries:
Bulgaria (Perseus Publishing House)
Denmark (Bazar)
Finland (Bazar)
Germany (Random House)
Iceland (JPV)
Italy (Bompiani)
Japan (Fusosha Publishing Inc.)
Netherlands (De Geus)
Russian Federation (Azbooka)
Sweden (Bazar)

Night of the Wolves (2005)
(Original Norwegian title: Ulvenatten)

Bokklubben Krim og spenning
ISBN: 82-03-19087-1

First published 2005: Aschehoug

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