The Night of the Wolves

From the shooting of The Night of the Wolves. Photo: Christian Clausen/Østlandets Blad

The shooting of the feature movie "The Night of the Wolves" - based on Tom Egeland's novel by the same name - was finished in June 2007 and will be premiering at Norwegian movie theatres on February 29th 2008.

The movie is directed by Swedish director Kjell Sundvall based on Egeland's script. Sundvall has directed ten movies and numerous tv series and is regarded as one of Sweden's most experienced movie-makers.

The movie version will be expanded into a three episode mini-series for tv, aired in 2010.

The book and movie present a group of Checken terrorists who take several hostages during the broadcast of a live television debate show. The terrorists demand that the ordeal is transmitted live to tv stations worldwide.

Behind the scenes the police negotiator and the SWAT team - and the Norwegian government - work hard to rescue as many hostages out of the studio alive.

Following the drama minute by minute, the ordeal ends in a shoot-out on the airport where the terrorists have a plane waiting.

Actors: Anneke Von der Lippe, Dejan Cukic, Christian Skolmen, Ingar Helge Gimle, Jørgen Langhelle, Ramadan Huseini


"Night of the Wolves" in the lead
"Night of the Wolves" premiered in Norwegian cinemas on February 29th. After its first weekend run, "Night of the Wolves" peaked at number 1 on the Norwegian Movie Top Ten list. The action thriller received numerous positive reviews. In Norway's two largest newspapers and on Entertainment News on TV 2, it received 5 out of 6 stars.

The Night of the Wolves (2008)

Production company:
 Nordisk Film AS
Executive producer:
 Aage Aaberge
Produced by:
 Kaare Storemyr
 Kjell Sundvall
 Tom Egeland
 Harald Paalgard
 February 29th 2008