Critical acclaim for Gospel of Lucifer

Norway's three largest daily newspapers - VG, Aftenposten and Dagbladet - have all published very favorable reviews of Gospel of Lucifer. VG - awarding the novel 6 out of 6 stars - headlines the review "Devilishly good" and states that the novel has a "rich, varied and thorough language":

"... a literary feast for everybody who enjoys geeky enigmas, ancient documents, macabre myths and groovy suspense ...

«Gospel of Lucifer» is well written to no end. So whoever is waiting for Dan Brown's next book: Forget Mr. Brown. Tom Egeland is the winner of this year's [literary suspense] Champions League."

The entire review (in Norwegian)

Aftenposten's review - written by literature professor Hans H. Skei - states that "Gospel of Lucifer" is a magnificent Norwegian contribution to a genre that must be described not only as "suspense" but also "adventure and fairy tale":

"Comprehensive knowledge, a rich imagination, cunning mysteries and plenty of ancient manuscripts characterize this entertaining novel by Tom Egeland. [...] Genre fiction like this has its strong and established conventions. Egeland knows them all, and he uses them to the fullest extent.[...] GOSPEL OF LUCIFER succeeds in building up the suspense on the surface level ... as well as on a deeper level, where the suspense is connected to the interpretation of texts and to what actually turns out to be a completely new understanding of both angels and demons, God and Satan"

The entire review (in Norwegian)

Dagbladet's review - prominently displayed also on the front page - is penned by the paper's experienced crime and thriller reviewer Kurt Hanssen. Headlining the review "Overwhelming", Hanssen states that the novel is a suspense novel of high class, characterized by the author's rich imagination. He points out the genre likeness of Indiana Jones and Dan Brown.

"An imaginitave suspense novel of the highest order … The novel's ending is among the most spectacular in Norwegian fiction ever. Tom Egeland’s strength lies in his narrative skills, how he juggles and arranges and turns interesting information into thrilling suspense. "

The entire review (in Norwegian)

May 29, 2009

Gospel of Lucifer is out

The thriller "Gospel of Lucifer" is now out on the Norwegian market. The print run - including book stores, book clubs and audio book - totals 35.000.

May 26, 2009

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