Troll's Mirror

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) are planning to dramatize the Troll's Mirror into a 4 episode radio theatre series.

The ten year old novel is also introduced in Dutch in the fall of 2007.

A serial killer trawls the streets of Oslo with a camcorder. He secretly captures his victims on film before kidnapping them. He then sends the appalling recordings to TV journalist

Kristin Bye, who becomes the channel's spearhead in the hunt for the killer. Then one day she receives a tape with images of herself... Tom Egeland's thriller is a tremendous and unputdownable page turner. It is the first book about heroine Kristin Bye and her mentor, the soon-to-be retired journalist Gunnar Borg.

Sept. 13, 2007

Circle's End

The British book deal, closed in September, also includes the 2001 bestseller Circle's End. This novel will, however, be published in English after Guardians of the Covenant.

Sept. 12, 2007

Guardians of the Covenant

Guardians of the Covenant is (by early September 2007) sold to four countries: England, France, Greece and Spain.

In England the novel will be published by John Murray publisher. From its foundation in 1768, the publishing firm has published a dazzling roster of authors, including lord Byron, Charles Darwin, sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jane Austen

Guardians of the Covenant (Paktens voktere) - Tom Egeland's seventh thriller - is published in Norway by the end of September 2007. The book is both a stand-alone novel and a follow-up of the 2001 bestseller Circle's End. The book is published by Aschehoug and is a Book of the Month selection in both Bokklubben Krim og Spenning og Cappelens Bokklubb.

In the year 1013, Viking warriors raided an Egyptian tomb and unknowingly stole the greatest secret of the Old Testament …

Neurotic, quirky archaeologist Bjørn Beltø leads an average life, until the day he finds ancient Viking parchments containing rune chiffers and code riddles, which lead him on a quest from the wild Icelandic landscape and Norwegian stave churches to Egyptian tombs, antiquarian book stores in Rome, and even across the Atlantic to America and a mysterious palace in the Caribbean.

Powerful forces are against him, but the relentless archaeologist manages to unveil a historical and religious cover-up with potentially fatal consequences.

Part thriller, part intellectual quest, Guardians of the covenant explores Biblical and historical myths.

Sept. 12, 2007

The Girl in the Mirror

The girl in the Mirror, Tom Egeland's first book for young adults, was published in August. The book is illustrated by Kin Wessel.

12 year old Kristin and her parents are on their way to a summer vacation at their old mountain cabin. But Kristin isn't as happy as she should be. Her grandmother is ill, and summer at the cabin won't be the same without granny. Then mysterious things start to happen. A voice whispers in the night. In the ancient mirror in the living room, Kristin starts to see more than her own face. But who? And what "world" excists on the other side of the mirror pane?

Sept. 1, 2007

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